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On this page you will find bird nests and feeders with webcams from Hungary. You can see how different species of birds lay their eggs and how the hatchlings are growing up. Of course, the most exciting moments can be seen in the breeding season, but broadcasting is not interrupted in winter, as some of the birds are using the nesting boxes as a nightly shelter. In winter we are broadcasting from bird feeders.


Available webcams

Tawny Owls

Csincsi tanya

Tawny owl


Tawny owl


In the reeds




Feeder (Királyrét)


Little owl


Little owls


Szotyi, the blue tit


Gombóc, the great tit


White storks



In the reeds - Balaton(HU) - What we have seen in the reeds
Gombóc, the great tit - Veszprém(HU) - Great Tits are fighting for the nesting…
Long-eared Owls - Tiszavasvári - Long-eared Owl reactions to danger
White storks - Ságvár(HU) - Ringing of White Stork chicks
Little owl - Tiszalök(HU) - Afternoon siesta at the Little Owls
Scops Owls #3 - Tiszaeszlár(HU) - Kestrel visits the Scops Owl's box
Red-footed Falcons - Tiszalök(HU) - Feeding of the Red-footed Falcon chicks
Buzzard - Tiszalök(HU) - Buzzard chicks are learning to fly
Buzzard - Tiszalök(HU) - Buzzard chick is sunbathing
Little owl - Tiszalök(HU) - Little Owl chick is sunbathing LEVEL 2…
Little owl - Tiszalök(HU) - Mom! Where is the food?
Little owl - Tiszalök(HU) - Little Owl chick is sunbathing
European roller - Polgár(HU) - A Jackdaw killed the smallest chick
Little owl - Tiszalök(HU) - Just the usual moments at the Little…
Kestrel - Tiszalök - Kestrel breakfast on the branch
Little owl - Tiszalök(HU) - First Little Owl fledges (and returns)
Buzzard - Tiszalök(HU) - Mole is on the Buzzards' menu
In the reeds - Balaton(HU) - Wild boar loves the treatment by the…
Kestrel - Tiszalök - Rescue of the fallen out chick
European roller - Polgár(HU) - First European Roller chick hatched
Little owl - Tiszalök(HU) - Little owlets are waiting for food…
Black Redstarts - Veszprém(HU) - Third egg was laid
White storks - Ságvár(HU) - White Stork rescue
Little owl - Tiszalök(HU) - Little Owl chicks are brave enough to…
Tawny owl - Szokolya(HU) - 2022 breeding summary
Barn owl - Görbeháza(HU) - Fourth Barn Owl chick hatched
Little owl - Tiszalök(HU) - Bravest Little Owl chick went to the…
Kestrel - Tiszalök - Kestrel chicks ringing
White storks - Ságvár(HU) - First stork chick hatched
Long-eared Owls - Tiszavasvári - Long-eared Owl mom is upset
Long-eared Owls - Tiszavasvári - Long-eared Owl mom with chick close-up
Long-eared Owls - Tiszavasvári - Long-eared owlet fell out of the…
Kestrel - Tiszalök - First 2 kestrel chicks hatched. Feeding.
In the reeds - Balaton(HU) - Little piggies appeared
Little owls - Siófok(HU) - What is this thing?
Little owl - Tiszalök(HU) - The fate of a fly in an owl box
Long-eared Owls - Tiszavasvári - Feeding of Long-eared owlets
Little owl - Tiszalök(HU) - First 2 Little Owl chicks hatched.…
Tawny owl - Szokolya(HU) - 2 owlets in the doorway
Tawny owl - Szokolya(HU) - Owlet's first jump up to the…
Tawny owl - Szokolya(HU) - 27 days old Tawny Owl chicks
Long-eared Owls - Tiszavasvári - First food for the newly hatched Long-…
Starlings - Polgár(HU) - Interesting swinging movements of the…
Tawny owl - Szokolya(HU) - Tawny owlet swallows a whole rodent
White storks - Ságvár(HU) - First egg was laid
Tawny owl - Szokolya(HU) - About 10 days old Tawny Owl chicks
Black Redstarts - Veszprém(HU) - Black Redstarts' nest is under…
Tawny owl - Szokolya(HU) - 3-4 days old Tawny chicks with their mom

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