About us

On this page you will find bird nests and feeders with webcams. You can see how different species of birds lay their eggs and how the hatchlings are growing up. Of course, the most exciting moments can be seen in the breeding season, but broadcasting is not interrupted in winter, as some of the birds are using the nesting boxes as a nightly shelter. In winter we are broadcasting from bird feeders.

We launched this website in spring of 2015, when we placed a type "B" nesting box in our garden in Veszprém, Hungary. Since then, this box is used by great tits for breeding, whom we call "Gombóc".

Over the years we were able to expand. From 2017 we also broadcast from the nesting box of "Bodza" the great tit, located in Budapest(HU) maintained by Cinkeleső and from the nesting box of "Moha" the great tit, located in other part of Veszprém(HU) maintained by Livcsi&Áron. Also in 2017 we placed a type "C" nesting box in our garden for Spotted flycatchers. Instead of them black redstarts occupied the box, and since they are using the nest in every breeding season. This nest is transformed into a type "C" box in winter and it is regularly used as a night shelter by great tits.

Nowadays, we receive a number of inquiries concerning the observation of nests, unfortunately in many cases these are not realized due to technical or financial reasons, but there are exceptions: in 2019 hopefully we can follow live the breeding of blue tits, tawny owls and eurasian hoopoes

We were very happy that this year Gemenc Zrt. hired us with the live broadcast of the black stork nest in Gemenc, Hungary.